Welcome to Mission Geography On Line. The purpose of this web site is to support teachers using the Mission Geography curriculum support materials.

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Grades K- 4

Mission Geography modules at this grade level offer learning opportunities for both very young students and older, more skilled students. Suggestions are made in many investigations on ways to adapt materials to the youngest learners. The focus is on fundamental spatial skills, simple physical geography, and Earth as the home of humans. The module Paths presents an innovative way to consider linkages between and among physical and human elements of the Earth system.

Module 1: Exploring our planet from above
Module 2: Water, water almost everywhere
Module 3:Where on Earth do humans live?
Module 4:Paths

Grades 9-12

Mission Geography modules at this grade level offer more advanced learning opportunities for secondary students. The focus is on fundamental spatial skills, issues of human-environment interaction, and the sustainability of water resources and agricultural practices. These modules also provide many opportunities for students to develop graphing skills. The second module comparing agricultural practices complements AP Human Geography courses.

Module 1:What’s up with Earth’s water resources?
Module 2:Where will your next meal come from? Inquiries about food, people, and environment
Module 3:What are the causes and consequences of climate change?